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Thursday 2 January 2014

A Collection of New Year Messages from The Telegraph UK

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - Great dollar rally of 2014 as Fukuyama's History returns in tooth and claw

Douglas Carswell - The economy is growing. The free market isn't. That's worrying

Andrew Sentence - We (UK) have reached the end of the beginning in the 'new normal' economy

Jeremy Warner - A world economy on the brink of fracture

Gold suffers worst year since 1981

And to prove that I am not just all about money, parents take note here are some of the words that your children use that have entered the Oxford Online English Dictionary, amongst my favorite are:

Derp - Stupid

YOLO - You Only Live Once

Selfie - Self portrait photograph (Word of the year)

LMAO - Laughing My Ass Off

LOL - Laughing Out Loud

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